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Thursday, April 7, 2016

GoMath Chapter 13

During the next few weeks, our class will be learning about perimeter and area. We will learn the formula for finding the area of a rectangle, and learn the concept that area is a measure of how many square units cover a flat surface.

Important Chapter Vocabulary:
1. Area; The number of square units needed to cover a flat surface.
2. Base;  Any side of a two-dimensional figure.
3. Formula; A set of symbols that expresses a mathematical rule.
4. Height; The measure of a perpendicular from the base to the top of a two-dimensional figure.
5. Perimeter; The distance around a figure.
6. Square Unit; A unit of area with dimensions of 1 unit x 1 unit.

Area formula;                                          
Image result for area formula
Perimeter formula;
Image result for perimeter formula